Prison Justice Library books-to-prisoners project

Antioch College’s Prison Justice Library houses a small but robust collection of non-fiction, fiction, dictionaries and educational materials, composition notebooks and zines. We receive hundreds of letters per year from incarcerated people in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana requesting books of interest. Through volunteer book packing parties and a small, dedicated team of students, staff and faculty in PJI, we work to fill the requests and mail packages of educational materials.

We are currently accepting donations of books to send to prisoners. We do not accept romance novel genres or antique hardcovers. Our highest sought items include paperback dictionaries, thesauruses, writing guides, and books pertaining to law, history, biographies and authors of African American and Latin American descent, DIY (Do it Yourself projects), Gardening, Health and Spanish language materials.

If you would like to make other forms of in-kind donations, we gladly accept new composition notebooks, large envelopes and packing tape.

For more information on how to get involved or to make a donation, please contact Dr. Jennifer Grubbs, convener of the Prison Justice Initiative:

Covid-19 has impacted our ability to hold regular, in-person book-packing events. Book requests are currently being fulfilled by the Convener through an online bookseller. We are currently accepting donations to help secure this vital component of prison justice at Antioch College.

The Antioch College Prison Justice Library was founded in 2014-15 by Dr. Emily Steinmetz, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, and Antioch students inspired by the work of Redbird Books to Prisoners:


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